Song of the Week: Jay-Z – “The Ruler’s Back (Remix)”

This a remix of Jay Z‘s “The Ruler’s Back” off The Blueprint. I wanna say that this song is off a remix project put out by back in the day (I think that site turned into HiPNOTT Records but I could be mistaken).

This could be one of those posts where I write about cool samples and stuff but I already did one of those this week (The Jimmy Chew Band sample on this song is dope as hell though by the way). So now this is a Song of the Week post for a couple of reasons:

1. Jay Z was recently slandered on the Internet for his light contribution to Drake’s new song “Pop Style”. And for good reason. I guess this song is more proof of what he could have done.

2. With this being my first week back on the site in a month, I could’t help it. I’m on multiple podcasts this week. I’m doing up to five posts a day. THE RULER’S BACK!!! Okay. Sorry.