Song of the Week: Lil’ Kim feat. Junior M.A.F.I.A. – “Fuck You”


Even though I don’t acknowledge the version of Lil’ Kim that’s walking around in 2016 (Ewwww), the 1996 version of Kimberly Jones was awesome and produced her only classic album Hard Core (I also act like The Source never gave 5 Mics to The Naked Truth 5).

There’s a lot of good songs on Hard Core like “Big Momma Thang”, “Crush on You”, “Queen Bitch”, & “Drugs”. But the hidden gem of the project, and my favorite on the album, is the Trife & Larceny featured “Fuck You”.

I’ve always looked at Junoir M.A.F.I.A. as Biggie Smalls’ homies that got put on when he made it. He wrote for most of them and they really didn’t have much of a career after his death. But dammit if Trife didn’t spit one of the hardest verses in history on “Fuck You”:

Nine shots greet ya, greet ya; hang with Lil’ Cease-ah
But don’t sling pizza, pizza
The gat carryin, rap barbarian
Ninety-six Blake Carrington
I brings the most dangerous diseases
Trife please MC’s of all types
Homosexuals, dykes, intellectuals like my flow, my charm
Wifey on the arm and stay fucking other bitches
Style never switches
Inhale, exhale, bail Nino Brown out
For shootin up a townhouse in Hempstead, kids fled
Rumors was dead, no beef with no cliques
Niggas don’t want shit, Trife impresses
Lexus GS’s, chicks in Iceberg dresses
Who the best is? M.A.F.I.A
But faggot niggas wanna spoil it
Stop me from having marble faucets and gold toilets
I force it down your throat like sodomy; mama proud of me
Cause I stopped killing niggas for free

And props to Larceny who had the last verse on the song. It’s not as good as the others but he used a term that I still use today: “How you want it? Spit or grease?”. Pause?

And let’s not even talk about the quick Notorious B.I.G. cameo. “They really ain’t no true players”. Listen below.