Lil’ Kim – “Black Friday”

“You and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers /I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income taxes”

My relationship with Lil’ Kim is like most guys my age, we loved her (Yes, I had the Hard Core poster on my wall). But every since she started fucking with her nose and face, her music took a nosedive as well. It’s like seeing a old girlfriend and pointing them out to one of your boys and them saying “That’s her?”. Then you say, “Well, she used to be bad.”.

So when I heard that Kim was gonna respond to Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge” (Yea, Nicki finally admitted that it was about the Queen Bee), I really didn’t expect much. Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that Kim was at a concert saying she would kill Nicki with her old shit and cancel her social security number?

Now that I’m finally hearing Kim’s response, “Black Friday”, I’ll admit that it’s way better than I figured. Over Pharoahe Monch’s “Simons Says”, Kim kinda goes in on Nicki. She also has lines for Diddy, Drake, as well as the entire Young Money. Here’s a sample:

See the fact is what you doing I did it
Lame trying to take my style and run with it
That’s cool. I was the first one with it
You’s a Lil’ Kim wanna be you just hate to admit it
I’m the blueprint, you ain’t nothing brand new
Check your posters and videos, you’ll always be number two
I seen ’em come, I seem ’em go, still I remain
Sweetie you going on your 14th minute of fame
I’m over ten years strong, still running the game
Cut the comparison, I’m in a legendary lane
Fighting for a spot? Child please I’m solidified
With my hands tied you couldn’t beat me if you bitches tried
Either you high or sipping that shit Wayne on
I get top dollar for whatever my name on
Go stick your head in a tornado. Brain storm
I drop bombs. Flex. Napalm

Of course now we wait to see if Nicki Minaj responds. I’m betting no, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Download: Lil’ Kim – “Black Friday”

Source: Nah Right