Song of the Week: Main Source – “Looking Out The Front Door”


Yeah this single is from the 1991 classic hard to find debut from Main Source’s Breaking Atoms. We can’t forget that this CD introduced that nigga Nasty Nas to the public and he had the illest verse on “Live At The BBQ”. After this album Large Professor split, and start working with A Tribe Called Quest and Nas. Producer/Rapper Large Professor demonstrates his frustration on his shorty who seems to be acting really shitty towards the Professor. This track is filled up with mutiple samples combine together to make this elite. Most people that hear this would think this is from one original record, but no, he used about 4 different samples. The line from the song “Your friends don’t understand your choice of man/ They talk proper, while I speak through a garbage can”. This is some real hip hop for people that don’t know. (Click below for the song)

Download: Main Source – “Looking Out The Front Door”

Album: Breaking Atoms
Released: 1991
Label: Wild Pitch Records