Sean Price – Master P [Review]

Sean P returns with another offering (an “official” mixtape) is titled Master P. He features an old school Pen & Pixel cover that mimics Master P’s LP The Last Don. Mr. Price’s latest album comes on the heels of his last album Jesus Price Superstar. With Jesus Price being one of the most slept on albums, one is to wonder how the masses will digest another offering from the BCCC member.

“The 6 Dollar Man” is an intro that steals the beat from the Six Million Dollar Man, the television show, the beat is hot and P opens the album up with a bang. On the title track “M.A.S.T.E.R. P”, the production sounds good, you have good rhymes by Sean P, and Agallah puts up a decent effort. BCCC is a skeptical sounding track, you have Buckshot with a suspect verse, and Tek reemerges with a marginal verse. “The Huckabuck” has some solid production on it and P delivers some solid bars on this one. “All I Know” has a nice beat to it, sounds real vintage. Then on top of that, you got some nice wordplay by both MC’s. On “One Question” you have some sick production, where P asks “who’s nicer than me.” Rustee Juxx and Cousin Reeks get nice on this one also. “Long Fifth Goodnight” is a rip from Biggie’s “Long Kiss Goodnight”. This one has a mixtape feel to it, and Starang resurfaces just to talk trash like Puffy on this one. “Jackass Number 2” sounds very confusing. You have too much going on with the track; this one isn’t hot at all. “Get it Together” is another vintage sounding beat that Diamond D and Sean P murders! Check this one out! On “Connect 4” the production is weak and the song isn’t interesting at all. Skip this one. “Knock Em Out The Box” is the next offering with a nice beat that P and Eratik Statik deliver some solid rhymes to. “Legbreakers” follows with Big Shug and his rugged voice that is annoying and an overdone hook, but P seems to salvage the track towards the end. “Jamaican” is the next track that features a loop from Sister Nancy’s classic “Bam Bam” and BDP’s “1, 2, 3”. Again, P rips this one, so check it out! Next is “Fish”, an ode to the chicken of the sea…I think? Glad this one was short; the reference to Avon Barksdale saved the song for me! “Good Fellaz” has a symphony beat in the back, but the track is dull, so you know what to do…SKIP! “Rotten Apple” (remix) featuring Prodigy is next up with a dreary sounding track and the monotone vocals fits New York perfectly. Check this one out. “What’s The Deal” is next and it has a laid back beat and nothing else noteworthy. The album closes with “Psycho Ward” with its crazy production and Sean P closes out his album with a nice track.

Bottom Line:
All in all, this album sounds more like a mixtape than a LP (because it is). This is not a diss; it’s just not as good as Jesus Price Superstar. Some of the production was questionable as well as the collaborations. It’s as if Sean P is carrying the whole BCCC on his back. He went away from the Justus League on this one to favor his home team more and the mixtape reflected it. While this one wasn’t a disaster, it wasn’t all that good either. Maybe they should have kept this one just on the mixtape circuit to build a better buzz for Sean and the Crew!

nappy Picks: “The Huckabuck”, “All I Know”, “One Question”, “Long Fifth Goodnight”, “Get It Together”, “Jamaican”, & “Rotten Apple” (remix)

Download: Sean Price feat. Ruste Juxx & Cousin Reek – “One Question”