5 Questions: Spellman 5, Backland, Playaz Circle, Jay-Z, & Gary Coleman


Back by popular demand, it’s 5 Questions! This time we have the Spellman 5, Backlands, Playaz Circle, Jay-Z, and last but not least, Gary Coleman! Check it out to see what’s up!

Question #1: Have we forgotten about the Jena 6?

Some may have forgotten now since Mychal Bell is free, but these 5 sisters from Spellman College have taken it to another level. Shaina Turner, Shayla Turner, Keshia Powell, Janet Williams and Kisha Woods are the five ladies who lead the campus-wide letter writing effort to show support to the teens and their families. Talk about being up for the cause, these ladies did something major, and I just had to give them their props!

Question #2: Why is Jay-Z making another album?

Jay can’t stay away from the limelight can he? You are the president of Def Jam and you still want to record albums! Isn’t this some sort of conflict of interest? How can he manage other artists careers honestly, and still put his 100% in his project. At first I thought some artists at Def Jam were exaggerating about the way he handles the projects. But now with his second album in 12 months on the way, I see that Method and Black Thought had a point!

Question #3: When is Backland (dude from 106 & Park) going to resurface again?

Dude was nice, well he could freestyle real well. We know that all freestylers don’t make great artists, but dude had some charisma about him. I wonder what is up with him, and for you that haven’t heard him, here is a video below! (Edit: Video has been removed)

Question #4: Why is this picture funny to me?

I was doing some research on Wikipedia and I saw something on Gary Coleman. I checked out his picture and fell out laughing! This is the best they could find! Check out the stonewashed jacket!

Question #5: How can you deny this video?

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/w070JX_P5OE" width="425" height="355" wmode="transparent" /]

This is probably my favorite video at the time right now, especially when I saw a young dude on the street with some money in a Ziploc bag. I like the simplicity of the video concept and all. Check it out if you haven’t seen it