The Samples of the 20 Year Old Classic ‘Reasonable Doubt’

Reasonable Doubt

2o years ago today, a 26 year old Brooklynite (Marcy!) put his whole life in one album. That album, Reasonable Doubt, did not achieve the commercial success it deserved, but it was the first step in a run of a larger than life career in Hip-Hop that has not been topped, matched or even come close to ever in the genre. This was the beginning of the culture of rapper/DJ/graffiti/breakdancing being shifted forever with an independent spirit by Jay-Z, Kareem”Biggs”Burke, & Damon Dash.

S/O to Brooklyn’s best, Skyzoo, for blessing Reasonable Doubt with a face lift two years ago, in honor of Hov’s 44th birthday, with An Ode To Reasonable Doubt.