Song of the Week: MC Lyte – “Paper Thin”


L.Y.T.E. U know DAMN well who that is when I spell it like that. Hands down one of the illest to touch the mic, bar none, respect. MC Lyte was a true example of what an emcee should be. Her debut album features the gem that is “Paper Thin”. Just listenin’ to this track again had me lookin’ for my track suit and Gazelles. The beat is kin to the lunchroom battle sessions in school. Boooom, bap, boombap. She flows poetic on the game she ain’t hearin’ from you wack ass Joe’s. Matter of fact, if any female emcee is reading this…this would be a HOT remake…I’m jus sayin’. I think this is the first Song of the Week that is a female. Thic loves the ladies. Check my blog on Tenda Tuesdays. LOL. Word life though, I’m gonna make sure the ladies start getting some more love on the site, I see with the cbox we have a few women checkin’ in and we at nappyafro appreciate you. More to come ladies, more to come. Stay tuned.

Download: MC Lyte – “Paper Thin”

Album: Lyte As A Rock
Released: June 7, 1988
Label: East/West Records