Vibe Presents: The 21 Most Important Black Artists Alive (Under 40)!

The folks over at Vibe has done it again. This time, they’re ranking the top 21 important artists under 40. Now due to some technical difficulties, we get to talk about it in a FROCAST coming soon, so we’ll try and hold our comments until you hear that…well, at least we’ll hold them until the comments section. And yes Jerm, MC Lyte IS younger than 40. Anyway, here’s a link and the list for those who don’t wanna deal with the slide show.

21. Soulja Boy
20. Nicki Minaj
19. Chris Brown
18. Drake
17. Rihanna
16. Neyo
15. Busta Rhymes
14. Lil Kim
13. D’ Angelo
12. Will.i.Am
11. Lauryn Hill
10. 50 Cent
9. Missy Elliott
8. MC Lyte
7. Lil’ Wayne
6. Nas
5. Usher
4. Snoop Dogg
3. Outkast
2. Beyonce
1. Kanye

Source: Vibe