iPod Hustle: Jay-Z vs. Smalltime Rappers


So, you think Jay-Z’s first lyrical battle was with Nas? Oh you kids these days. Naw, for real, the subject of today’s iPod Hustle came from a discussion I had with one of my cousins during Thanksgiving. He said that Jay-Z was always scared to go back and forth with any rappers before Nas and Jim Jones “inspired” him. Well, of course I had my iPod on me and of course I proved him wrong; Jay-Z used to smack down lesser know rappers all the time. Welcome another edition of…iPod Hustle

Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z, H. Money Bags, & Beanie Sigel- “My Mind Right (remix)” [LISTEN]
from the album Memphis Bleek’s The Understanding


This was one of the first times that I personally can remember Jay-Z going at someone. Well, it wasn’t really that big of deal since he went at member of Mase’s now defunct group Harlem World (Uh, I think the actual guy name was Meeno or something). This shit happened a while ago, so I guess it was retaliation to Meeno’s “I’m That Nigga”, which on I think he disses Jigga in some way. Jay throws some nice jabs in this one though; “Nigga you sick, fronting like you tougher than what you are. Till the gun is coming thru the drivers side of your car”. The only problem, a lot of people didn’t know who the hell he was talking about.

Jay-Z feat. Freeway, Geda K, Young Chris, & Memphis Bleek – “Jaz-O Diss” [LISTEN]
from the mixtape DJ Kayslay’s The Accused


Here Jay-Z rhymes over Styles P’s “I Get High” going at former mentor Jaz-O. The performance is almost underwhelming since Jay-Z rhymes like 2 bars and leaves the rest of the work to the R.O.C. soldiers. Still, the few lines he did spit weren’t that bad; “My reign on the top is long like marathons, more Poppa love than tons on marijuana. Nigga, you ain’t strong enough to carry on, I move heavyweight, you ain’t never carried Shawn. Free.”

Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z & Geda K- “Murda Marcyville” [LISTEN]
from the album ???


This is the version of “Murda Marcyville” before they added Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z changed his verse. In the original, Jay goes at Jayo Felony, uh, for a reason I really can’t recall (Oh yea, Jayo was mad and dissed Jigga because of the line from “Streets Is Watching”: ‘Is he Blood? Is he Crip?’). Why did he change his verse? Who knows. It wasn’t one of his greatest though; “Jayo you not a felon you’re a misdemeanor.”

Jay-Z – “Hova Song (Intro)/It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)” [LISTEN]
from the album Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter


Remember when 50 Cent was still a struggling, new rapper? Yea, a lot of people also remember that Jay-Z threw subliminal shot at 50 Cent on “It’s Hot” (Shit, a lot of rappers were mad at Curtis when he dropped the 1999’s “How To Rob”). Well, what a lot people don’t that Jay also threw at small jab at 50 on the album’s intro. Some might not agree, but listen for yourself homie.