Old School Dances vs. New School Dances


King Jerm vs. Saule Wright After all the responses for the last debate, we decided to bring it back, bring it back! This time we are pitting the Old School Dances vs. the New School Dances! We have Saule Wright taking the Old, while King Jerm is siding with the New! Now let’s keep it clean, and “Let’s get it on!”

King Jerm’s Pick: New School Dances

Round 2, let’s do this like Cassidy and Freeway! Well the New School dances are better than the Old School dances for this simple reason: you don’t have to know how to dance to do these moves. Back in the day you had to know how to dance, or you didn’t dance at all. These new dances that are out the whole family can do! Just this past Thanksgiving, my 57 year old aunt was doing the “Souljah Boy!” I didn’t see many fat guys doing the “Running Man“, but I have seen a lot of them “leaning and rocking!” The new school dances don’t stop in the South either, you have movements in NY, LA, DC, and all over! It’s about having fun again, and nobody does it better than the New school! The old school paved the way for the new, so I’ll give credit where it is due, but that is where it ends! The new school dances are KILLING the old, YouTube some videos and see for yourself! The fight is fixed!

Saule Wright’s Pick: Old School Dances

Lets look at the names of this shit, Chicken Noodle Soup, Aunt Jackie, Supaman, Spiderman. The Motorcycle, the Rockaway…the names tell you all you need to know, its some bullshit. Half you have to have a video and practice to even figure out, the other half are boring after 1 minute of even looking at them. The Wop, The Prep, Roger Rabbit, The Snake, these were the dances. The reason you still see people doing them in the clubs and at parties now is because they are the most fun and are the shit. The Wop will never die out. Dances like The moonwalk, heeltoe, and the electric slide are all being reintroduced now and the only thing new is the name. These lame bastids don’t even have the decency to change the dance. You can keep the Balliiiiiiiiiiin’ motion and I will do the wop against you at anytime my dude. Nina pop y’all!!!!