Song of the Week: The Roots – “Proceed”


When I first heard this album I was caught up in the live instruments and the relaxed, razor sharp lyrics by Black Thought. This was my introduction to The Roots; a group from Philadelphia that had been doing it a minute but just caught the country’s attention in 1995. This album featured NO samples; you hear all original instrumentation or beat boxing. This album was a change to all the grimy Wu-Tang/Boot Camp/Biggie style New York rap that was going around. This is without a doubt a classic album, and a lot of people slept on this LP. If you haven’t heard this album, you should go and pick it up the next time you looking for something smooth to listen to. Well here is a teaser for all of you out there, with so many to choose from, I’ll take the lead single “Proceed”. This song is a for sure banger. Oh yeah, I let a dude borrow this CD a while back and he never gave it back. I’m not going to say who, but he raps with Little Brother and his name starts with P!

Download: The Roots – “Proceed”

Album: Do You Want More?!!!??!
Released: January 17, 1995