iPod Hustle: Bun B, Young Jeezy, & Swizz Beatz


Second verse, same as the first. This is where I pick some songs off my ever present iPod and explain to you what I’m currently listening to. Sometimes it’s new stuff; sometimes it’s old stuff, but all the time its good stuff. Get it? Good. This week we gonna do it a little different; I’m doing all new music. We got Bun B teaming up with Weezy, Young Jeezy teaming up with Kanye, and Swizz Beatz breaks the silence. Let’s go…


Download: Bun B feat. Lil’ Wayne – “Damn I’m Cold”

Bun B – II Trill [2008]
In February, Bun B released his first single off his new album II Trill, “That’s Gangsta” featuring Sean Kingston. It’s wasn’t a bad song, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Well, this is another one off his album (not a single though), featuring none other than Lil’ Wayne. The song is produced by CHOPS and uh, it’s okay. I don’t know if it’s the beat or if it’s the rhymes but it still doesn’t grab me (is it me or are Wayne’s features steadily dropping in quality). Maybe I need some more time with it. Be sure to check back with us next week for the full review of Bun B’s II Trill.


Download: Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West – “Put On”

After being on almost everybody’s song this year, Young Jeezy emerges with his on. “Put On” is supposed to be his first single off his new album I Am Trap (Scheduled to drop August/September). It features Kanye West rocking auto-synthesizer on the last verse (When is T-Pain gonna put out a diss song going at all these people using it?). The production come from Drumma Boy and sounds like something off Rocko’s album since Drumma Boy produced a bulk of Self-Made. I’m sure the dope boys will go crazy for this one. Me, I don’t think this is the right reintroduction and it’s probably just a street single. I guess we’ll see.


Download: Swizz Beatz – “Where The Cash At”

Even though Swizz Beatz is touted as a top producer, I still think he’s underrated. But now with all the rumors of him hooking up with Alicia Keys, I guess he is getting some attention for a different reason. Well, Swizzy comes back with “Where The Cash At” to answer some question; “And plus them haters wanna be me/The close they’ll ever get to Lamborghini is linguine/Get the fuck out my face/Shouldn’t y’all worry about that Sean Bell case./Damn”. It’s uses the same break beat from “I’m A Hustler”, but it’s still hot. Of course the lyrics are a second thought but if you looking for that with Swizz, that’s you fault (That was the same with One Man Band Man). This is supposedly off his new album but there is no set date as of yet or name.