Song of the Week: Charles, Jeezy, & The Mad Rapper


What can I say, I couldn’t really think of a singular song for Song of the Week. So, why not spread the wealth a little bit. First off is Charles Hamilton. I know this kid has been on almost every Hip-Hop site/blog (Except this one until now), but to be honest I’m still kinda up in the air about him. The other day he released the first edition of his “Hamiltonization Process” (The up and comer from Harlem plans on releasing 8 mixtapes to 8 different Hip-Hop sites by December 9th!), it’s called Death Of The Mixtape Rapper. My favorite joint off the mixtape so far is “Windows Media Player”. Check it out.

With all the feedback on Jerm’s review of The Recession, I guess it’s only fitting to put up the iTunes bonus track “Done It” up as well. If you haven’t put your 2 cents in about Jeezy’s new album, head over to King Jerm’s well written review now.

I feel like a non-fake male version of Miss Cleo. I did a column about The Mad Rapper a few weeks ago and now he comes out with a brand new mixtape; Appreciate The Hate: The Mad Rapper Chronicles Vol. 1 (I guess he dropped a “D” off his name too). The mixtape had me feeling like it’s the 90’s again. There’s a lot of comedy on it and some gems but I think I’m gonna choose the joint that features Bad Boy’s forgotten sons; Aasim & E.Ness. Those dudes still can spit.

P.S. That messed up nobody barely hitting us up on Twitter. You people need to get you tech game up (I’m getting too much ?uestlove right now & Superhead won’t return our requests).

Download: Charles Hamilton – “Windows Media Player”

Download: Young Jeezy – “Done It”

Download: The Mad Rapper feat. Aasim & E. Ness – “Gun Shots”