Song of the Week: Obama Wins!

I think almost every website & blog will probably do something on tonight’s election, so there’s a lot that has already been said about this being an historic and momentous event. That being said; this IS a very historic and momentous event and I’m personally honored too be alive during it. We don’t do this kinda thing much here at nappyafro, but here’s our obligatory Obama post. I can’t really think of a single Hip-Hop song that sums this moment up (And believe me, their were tons of pro-Obama Hip-Hop songs to choose from…some good and some awful); so I put up a few that came to mind. I was gonna put up more, but you can go over to Hear-It-First who corralled most of the memorable Obama/Hip-Hop tracks. “My president is Black…”

Download: Nas feat. Green Lantern – “Election Night”

Download: Ludacris – “Politics As Usual”

Download: Young Jeezy feat. Nas – “My President”