Hating Season: Jay-Z

As some of you know, I get accused of being a Jay-Z hater by a couple of staff members: B-Easy and H2O, and a few readers, most notably V-G and Chip. But I don’t hate the guy, I just don’t overrate him like the rest of you bums! If Jay puts out any verse, you guys AUTOMATICALLY memorize his verse, analyze it, and place it among Hip-Hop’s greatest verses. I’m not that way. If Jay comes out with some shades on looking like Kanye, I’m going to call him out about it. If Jay comes weak on a song, I’m calling him out. I’m not that much caught up like some of you that give Jigga passes for putting out sub-par work. This is my biggest beef with Hov, people that don’t realize that he was GIVEN the throne by DEFAULT. If Big were still alive, Jay would be LIL’ CEASE. Jay was a role player when Big was alive, now all of sudden he is the Dalai Lama of Hip-Hop? Since we’re at it, let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for Beyonce would Jay-Z be this world renown star that he is now? I don’t think so!

I was checking out Jay’s new song “Brooklyn Go Hard” today and I can’t front, the song is dope once you get past Jay with a Jamaican accent. Only problem is at the end when all of the weirdness sets in. Santogold messed it up. I know I’m going to get stoned for saying all this about the “God MC”. I’ll let you be the judge.

I know this is going to come off as hating…GOOD, it should. I’m tired of people giving Jay passes and crediting the success of other people to him. If Jay was so good at creating success, what happened to Memphis Bleek? What about the fact that he turned Def Jam into a R&B label? Or does he get a pass for that too?

Download: Jay-Z feat. Santogold – “Brooklyn Go Hard”

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  1. He didn’t get the throne by default, he took it with albums like blueprint, reasonable doubt and the black album. Also, it didn’t hurt his status to be down with BIG!

  2. ha now this is some interesting shit, your right about some stuff, but jay wasnt given the thrown be default haha thats ridiculous, he turned in some of the best albums in hip hop history, but niggas do give him a pass on some shit he do just cuz he jay, i mean he definitely aint perfect…..but still he is still the best in hip hop. and that shit about beyonce i dont agree with i mean even without her jay would still be a huge fuckin star, i mean he owns the fucking Nets ha but it definetley dosent hurt bein married to beyonce.

  3. oohhh and that jackie robinson line is bananas!! haha aint no nigga can front on that shitt hah craaaazyyy word play

  4. @ DGAF

    he owns about 4% of the team. more than I own, but not enough to make any decisions. Beyonce made him a star. Before Beyonce, Jay was a rapper. Now look at him, he’s a mogul, businessman, and a rapper. He is recognized around the world as the “guy that is married to beyonce”!

  5. Yeah you kinda are hating on him a little bit but i wouldn’t label you a jay-z hater since you put up imaginary players the other day but you are right about the pass thing because i love jay (you could call me the third jay-z stan shout to b-easy and h20 haha) but i still can recognize when he did not so great on a song because i know how great he is so im VERY critical of everything he puts out the jury is still out on this one though until i get the song completely

  6. Strong in you, the hate is. When you take away the lines he quoted from other rappers, he is STILL one of the best to do it….thats the scary part. He is effortlessly good. Like, some cats go real hard in the paint and end up with a line or two, never a classic. Jay can lay claim to classic(s) with an S my dude. Now, if Big was alive, sure, a lot of things would be different. Then again, if Rakim never rhymed we’d still be rappin’ like a hip, a hop, a hibby to the …..you get my drift. Now saying that he is living off being married to Beyonce….I think you reachin. The dude only had a clothing line, a label, a high ranking job, and endless cameos before he got hitched. He may have a little more shine in Europe or something, but his status here was pretty much in cement.

    That bleek thing tho….LMAO.

  7. Jay can do no wrong except Vol. 1, BP2, and his verse on “I Do It For Hip-Hop”. Everything else was either decent or classic.

    Jay-Z was just a rapper before he met B, but as just a Rapper, he scooped one of the hottest R&B chicks in the game! In other words, he MADE himself a star! BIG PIMPIN!! And Jay was mogul before he met Beyonce. He was selling clothing in 1999, and Movies and Armadale in 2002, around the time he met Beyonce.

    Jay did not turn Def Jam into an R&B label! He got Nas, one of the best rappers alive, and Kanye who is also up there, on Def Jam. He did get Ne-Yo and Rihanna on Def Jam, but they are both good additions to the game, I’m sure you can’t deny that.

    B.I.G. was amazing, no doubt, but I honestly don’t think he would have been in the game as long as Jay was. Tupac would have, no doubt, but I see Biggie doing like 6 albums MAX, to be honest.

    Jay-Z is the best rapper alive. He may not be the best rapper PERIOD, but hopefully all in good time.

  8. “Now look at him, he’s a mogul, businessman, and a rapper”…I mean even Jay admits B is a bigger star than him (Hollywood, which I automatically memorized and analyzed) but his business is his business B didn’t help him get on Forbes and Time’s most influential and all that shit. Big or no Big Paul is right, three classic albums gave him the status he has, and I’m pretty critical of Jay too, I hold his shit to a high standard that he delivers on most of the time. But if you wanna talk overrating…do I have to mention the 4.5 for Recession or some of your other reviews?? On the real who would you say is the best out besides Jay?

  9. Yea i pretty much agree with H20, but Jerm is right Jay doesn’t create success, the hard truth is that he never had the forsight to see where Kanye could go, that was Dame, he has a team of good rappers that he can’t blow up (but really who can? only group success was G-Unit, and that was back in the day look at TOS now) but yea rap or no rap Rihanna’s the new shit these days and that was all him. @H20, bp2 has a lotta hot songs on it just needed some trimming

  10. Well, if you put up a Jay-Z song “Imaginary Player” (Good song btw, I was listening to it recently, even though I already have it) I wouldn’t classify you as a Jay-Z hater. Probably you dislike him, but not like major hating. At least you respect him to put up a song, and comment maturely upon your issues. Thats something new from most people who dislike Jay.

    What would’ve happened if NaS got the greatest MC spot currently? Wouldn’t that make sense too? I mean, during that time, he had Illmatic and It Was Written at that time (The Firm doesn’t count as a “great album”) while Jay-Z had Reasonable Doubt and In My Lifetime (Vol. 1) (Almost classic I seen, but some trips, like the Puff Daddy and Foxy Brown cut) I guess, Jay-Z had more fans, and since Tupac and Biggie died (Jay-Z knew biggie, invovled with Tupac a little bit for the “beef”, although NaS knew none, I presumed that well) I also assume that the fans would’ve also counted too.

    Even the success thing, i mean, what happened to Beanie Sigel too? Wheres his success?

    I like to say, I actually like the new song. I thought no one knew about it (Although it only came out yesterday) Although, Jay comes off with a weird accent, hes still having those rhymes, although his rhymes are really bizzare compared to a lot of the rappers today. Btw, I assume you were talking about Santogold (A girl band or singer, I forget, I listened to one of their songs, shes/their not bad) I didn’t mind her verse, although it wasn’t really necessary to rap (Kind of like Norah Jones on Q-Tips song, but she was pretty good) I love the instrumental though, it sounds original, and this song would’ve been a better “Brookyln Anthem” For a minute I thought it was like, A “Go Hard” freestyle. Boy, was I wrong. Also, a good song to freestyle

    Man, I spoke too much about one of my favorite artists. Still, you can’t completely hate Jay.

    Rating: 8.75/10

  11. Does anybody actually wonder how good Jay’s lyrics would be if he actually wrote them down? I Just wanna hear it one time oh and this song definitely goes hard

  12. @ Specialz Shinez

    Well, Reasonable Doubt was like memories over a 26 year span essentially from childhood and hustling days, so wouldn’t that count too? I mean, he remembered that stuff, and transformed into lyrics.

  13. @Chew

    Yeah I Get What You’re Saying But You Know Jay’s Method He Hears A Beat he Waits a Couple Minutes And Has A Song No Writing Involved…I’m Wondering How It Would Sound If He Thought Of Something While Hearing A Beat Wrote It Down And Really Edited And Put A Real Effort Into It…..And Lil’ Wayne Should Try That Too I Mean It Definitely Helped T.I.

  14. There Jerm go with his hatin ass lol! But naw for the most part you’re right…. I agree with everything you said because even the seemingly outrageous Beyonce part applies to other places than USA. And that song is pretty good by the way… except for that damned Jamican impersonation.

    In all reality, in the first paragraph, you can literally swtich out Jay-Z for “Lil’ Wayne” and change Beyonce to “syrup” and this post would still make sense. hahaha

  15. @King Jerm

    I agree with you for the most part, Jay is not the best PERIOD of all time maybe in the next years or so, but is he the best out right now. I believe so. Is he my favorite? NO. But you have to give credit where credit is due. So your saying that he was just an average rapper before he met Beyonce…sorry but i have to disagree with you. THE BLUEPRINT WAS STARTED FROM SCRATCH AND FINISHED IN 2 DAYS!!!!! c’mon now, no average rapper can pull that off, hell not even a great rapper can pull that off.

    @Everyone stating Jay should write his lyrics

    Not going to happen and i don’t think it ever will. I watched an interview with him a while back when American Gangster came out and he explained the story he had in mind and the way he felt the beats really brought out his best work in a long time. THEN the interviewer showed a clip of Jay’s voice and how he switches up his tempo, and pretty much when the beat gets deep or a high not whatever, Jay’s voice is on par. Almost as if the song came first then the instrumental, not the other way around. Most rappers write a song then pick the beat, then perfect it as close as they can on the beat and try to ride is as long as they can w/out fallin off. Jay can do that in 1 sitting.

  16. @ Boricua

    I’m not saying that Beyonce made him a better rapper, I’m saying she made him a STAR! Do you think that he would be as famous as he is right now if he was married to her….NO. People recognize him now that wouldn’t have recognized him without Beyonce on his arm. You can’t deny that fact.

  17. @King Jerm

    I will agree with you on that. I thought that u meant before he married her he was considered an average rapper, but yea shit yea once he married her his fame skyrocketed!

  18. Yea but…who cares?? are we judging his skill or his fame? in terms of E! or some shit like that, yea Beyonce took him to new sights, but before he locked that down he was already making a name for himself, especially within hip-hop

  19. Wow this is a heated discussion, I knew this would get a lot of attention. I like Jay-Z too, and some people call me a Jay-Z hater but I’m not. Sometimes I feel other people spit just as good as him such as Sauce Money at the time, he was spitting some dope shit. Nas is good. Jay-Z made good songs, and bad songs especially that “I Know What Girls Like” and that is the worst song Jay has ever made, what made him get Puffy and Lil Kim. He must been smoking really hard or something for him to go along with that beat and put it on his album “In My Lifetime Vol 1”. Overall Jay-Z is nice, he been in the game longer than a lot of people, and he had mad success too. I honestly do feel Jigga is overrated like a muthafucka though. I can’t front, that new joint is hard and “Mr. Carter” he was definitely spitting on that joint. I have mixed feelings about Jay-Z at times. I do feel Biggie would have over him if was still alive, and if Tupac was alive I don’t think Jay-Z would be as big but then again who knows, his talent probably would have prevailed some.

  20. @ Anonymous

    Ok, so “I Know What Girls Like” is a bad song, i know, but you have to admit, Jay’s first verse isn’t a bad one, and actually the songs pretty good, until Lil’ Kim comes in, and then screws it all up.

  21. @ Chew

    that song was doomed from the beat drop. Terrible production, bubblegum lyrics, and a terrible hook. What else could go wrong? Vol 1 had to be Jay’s worst album. Bottom line. He has too many “pop” songs on there. Lucky Me is by far his worst song of all time. IMO.

  22. @Jerm

    Lucky Me? How can that be the worst, when you have atrocious songs like “I Know What Girls Like” and that Sunshine song. “Lucky Me” wasn’t half bad. Weirdly, its Weezys favorite song as I read in a magazine.

  23. Yo, I get your point totally bout Jay getting these I am hollyer than thou passes on these songs, but the man is SMART, he doesn’t put out a lot of material so when it does come out, its loved, rather than 30 mixtapes and blaming the wackness on it being a mixtape, that’s always bothered me bout mixtape rappers.

    I think B has helped with his success, as Berry Gordy aka (Jamie Foxx in Dreamgirls), he needed that fly honey on your arm. Especially when your looks are a little challenged and you not the Ebony man of the month type.

    I think the whole ive got to appeal to the people in London thing is getting old, Now everybody on that kick, if I was those popper speaking guys, I would run with that and start putting out all independent work. The song is nothing but Jockin Jay-Z 2, but at least its better.

  24. @ Forch

    I know, why do you rappers (Jay-Z mostly, but whatever) want to appeal to the British? I mean, i know raps good, but seriously, the musics not very “sophisticated” (For like a fancy event or something, idk) and really having any seriousness in London, where the music is all crappy classical, and light rock.

    And yes, Jay is very smart. I mean, he doesn’t put out a lot of mixtapes (althoguh there was a remix mixtape, and that was pretty good “Reasonable Gangster” (Remix album of American Grangsta, nice stuff) I mean, look at him. I get giddy everytime I see a Jay-Z mixtape (I mean a quality one, like Brooklyn Gangster or “Reasonable Gangster” to name a few) Seriously.

  25. hov has picked up that deadly consistency again w/ “american gangster”…………….i hop ein my heart that he comes hard w/ that blueprint 3…………..he def gained ppl’s interest w/ american gangster again………………..o n i dont think jas is the best rapper rite now jus because he hasnt had the best album recently……………but he def has the most potentioal to take tht title than all these other lame rappers……………bp3 bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i feel you on the whole issue Jerm, we do cut Jay a shit load of slack as of late. but lets not forget what he CAN do lyrically, i cut most of this up due to the commercialization of hip hop today (whether it be the hip hop marketing directed towards suburbia USA or Hollywood’s/ The South’s influence on the game or whatever…). i also agree (to a certain degree) about jigga getting the throne by default, but the way you word it sounds like he was undeserving of it! he was the best we had NEXT to Big and Pac. Its like having Jordan go down and LeBron stepping in, it wasn’t a bad substitute all in all! The way we give Jay passes is only out of respect for what he is to hiphop (even though he came stupid lazy on Luda’s “I Do It For HipHop” track, which was very dissappointing to me since thats my favorite cut on his album), but with this whole issue being debated it brings up a very interesting question to mind:

    if we can agree that Jay’s tendency for dropping lazy 16’s izz due to the state of hiphop today, would we be having this same debate about hiphop’s late greats? Proof? ODB? what about Big L? or better yet…. 2Pac? Biggie?
    would they have succumbed to today’s lowered lyrical standards?
    hmm… we can only wonder

  27. I love Hova’s music, but I agree the hip hop community goes at every song of his and acts like they’re all works of genius.

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