Song of the Week: Nas – “Ether”

Since we are in the midst of so many “battles”, I decided to show all the youngins what a real battle is all about. A rap battle isn’t you spitting bars and then spend the last minute of the song humiliating your opponent. A rap battle is when you spend the whole song telling your opponent why you are better. So for all of you that enjoy 50’s diss songs…YOU ARE WRONG! Let’s take it back to the essence to where we had two legitimate MC’s going back and forth dropping gems against each other. “Ether” is what a diss song is all about. Some say that this battle “resurrected” Nas career. I say that this battle made Jay realize that he is a mortal. When this song came out, people had forgotten about Nas, but now they were coming to his side to battle against “the God MC.” This was the battle of evil vs good, with Nas playing the good side tending to his sick mother while Jay was onstage calling him out. This was one of if not the best rap battle of all-time! Interesting fact: did you know that Ron Browz (yeah, that guy) produced this song? Shocked me too. I want you to kick back and enjoy this installment of Song of the Week!

Download: Nas – “Ether”