Friday Night ‘Fro: Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories


Let’s be real with each other: I’ve been giving you fire on most of these Friday Night ‘Fro‘s. If you heard anything about the recent Academy Awards, you already know I ain’t playing. I gave you Slumdog Millionaire at the end of last December and look, it wins the Best Picture category. And even though they screwed my boy Mickey Rourke and didn’t give him the Best Actor award, I gave you The Wrestler the next week after Slumdog. That’s cool though. “You and I know what’s going on.” (Now imagine me saying that like 2Pac)

Besides my boasting and bullshitting, we just got finished with Classic Week. It was a success and I’m happy to see all the comments and e-mails concerning all the classic albums we showcased this week.

How do we end it?

We cap it off with probably one of the funniest shows in history. Chappelle’s Show. And we’re gonna feature arguably the best sketch on Chappelle’s Show. Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories featuring Rick James. Yes. Classic.

Now I’m not gonna start quoting lines you heard a thousand times or start talking about how the show went away too soon (Shit. You already know that). I’m just gonna let the video speak for itself. Enjoy….it’s the full episode. “They shoulda never gave you niggas the internets!” (I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.)