Song of the Week: Drake feat. Nicki Minaj – “Best I Ever Had (remix)”


The big homie Saule Wright inboxed me this joint on Tuesday, and ever since he put me on to it I have had this song on repeat. Now don’t get me wrong, the original is FIRE. Easy and I have already have had that debate, but I really do think this is what the song was missing…a FEMALE. Nicki Minaj came on the track and held it down for the ladies. I hope this makes it onto somebody’s album, because the song could be MAJOR. I think I have a little crush on Nicki Minaj after this one! Nicki, I want you to know that it is and has always been ALL LOVE over here at nappyafro. Enough of the personal stuff, let me give you guys what you came in here to get. Here it is “Best I Ever Had” Drake feat. Nicki Minaj. So call your boo up and enjoy this installment of Song of the Week!

Download: Drake feat. Nicki Minaj – “Best I Ever Had (remix)”