K.A.R. – Joe Crack & Pistol Pete Present: K.A.R. [Review]

In all honesty, this album was real close to not being reviewed at all. We don’t have much information about K.A.R. (aka Kill All Rats). We know they are cosigned by Fat Joe and were featured on his “300 Brolic (remix)”. We know that, the guy who runs the label their signed to, Pistol Pete, has a reputation in the streets (He did a over a decade in jail and was on the Bronx’s “Most Wanted” list). And lastly, we know there are 4 members Mike Beck, Onez, Leader, & Rob Kash (See, I did SOME research). That’s really it. So why are we reviewing this knowing that it’s a great chance no one will care? The features. It features Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Hell Rell, Fat Joe, Ace Hood, Sean Kingston, DJ Khaled, & Dre. That’s the main reason. We don’t even have proper production credits. Here goes…

1. Intro From Pistol Pete
The album starts of with Pistol Pete giving thanks to everyone from Fat Joe, his lawyer, his kids, and of course his haters. This is supposedly an album for people in the struggle

2. Girls Wanna Have Fun
Featuring Ace Hood
For a group that has street and jail ties, I’m surprised they started off with this song. The beat is generic and the rhymes are your standard “I got money, I’m making it rain” bullshit. The Ace Hood feature really didn’t matter.

3. Hustler
Featuring Hookmaster
Cue the auto-tune! I really don’t understand why new rappers feel that they can stand out by doing the same tired trends that have been done to death. Here’s another song about hustlin’ & grindin’ with a forgettable beat. I did hear one semi-good line that did catch my ear; “I keep that thing with me like the Fantastic Four”. I’m sure it’s been said before and don’t ask me who said it cause the K.A.R. members are kinda interchangeable (I think it was Leader though).

4. They Hate Me Man
Featuring DJ Khaled & Dre
I’m guessing that Cool & Dre produced this track. Don’t be quick to think that K.A.R. got the top notch shit. They got the, “I owe Fat Joe a favor but not a big favor” beat. The songs is about haters of course, and my skip button is broken.

5. Getting Money Money
Featuring Tony Sunshine
I can’t put this one on K.A.R. The boring beat and hook by Tony Sunshine here just kills this song from the get go. The crew shows some versatility and go to the fast flow. That hook is atrocious though.

6. Oh Baby
Featuring Fat Joe
This is the only song off this album I heard prior and the beat alone make this the best song off the album. They still don’t wow us with creative or lyrics but at this point you take what you get. Fat Joe appearance helps but also outshines the other on the track (Yea, you read that right). You can check out the video here.

7. You Could Tell I’m From New York
Featuring Jadakiss
Okay, here’s the Kiss feature. This song pays homage to the NY and it’s not terrible. It’s not gonna be the new New York anthem. The beat is generic and the hook is still subpar and even a unmotivated Jadakiss can’t save the song (He still outshines K.A.R.).

8. Guy Like Me
Featuring Sean Kingston
These guys are really going for the radio play! Mr. “Beautiful Girl” shows up to do the Jamaican themed hook and K.A.R. says almost the same shit they did on track 2. The beat isn’t that bad, but very forgettable.

9. From The City
Featuring Layzie Bone
Layzie Bone? Really? This track only has Layzie and Mike Beck on it (Who sounds a little like Cassidy). The two rappers really didn’t mesh well. I applaud trying to go outside the box, but it didn’t work.

10. This Is The X
Featuring Fat Joe & Hell Rell
I can’t front here; this track is okay. The production is dark on here gives room for all 3 Bronx representatives to rep their hometown. Even though Ruger Rell adds to the track, it’s too bad that only one K.A.R. member is featured here.

11. Serious
Featuring Sheek Louch
I do gotta admit that the production has gotten better over the past two tracks (Hooks are still bad though). The track is about how stuff in the streets gets serious. Sheek steals the show but the track isn’t spectacular.

12. What You Gonna Do To Me
Featuring Fat Joe
Here Joe Crack just does the hook and leaves the verses for the members of K.A.R. Actually the hook isn’t bad; it sounds like something 50 Cent would say sing. The production is much better here also.

13. Get Your Money Up
Featuring Jadakiss
Jadakiss has two features on this album? I’m not complaining just wondering. After listening to this verse, you can really tell Kiss wasn’t coming with his A game. The topic is kinda tired since they already did 4 songs about it. The beat is generic…again.

14. Rat Killa
Featuring Raekwon
This beat actually had a chance but they had to put that annoying bird chirping sound effect in. The Chef sounds good here though (OB4CL2 might not be that bad). And what’s the hell is up with the girl on the hook. Wack.

15. The Takeover
Original title huh? This track has K.A.R. members Leaders & Onez going back and forth to mediocre results (“My niggas dream about beef so they sleep with chrome”). The beats sounds just as amateurish with the heavy synth sound.

16. Growin’ Up In The Streets
This is the solo track by Rob Cash. I will give him props for talking about the ills of the hood (The second verse is about young girls turning into hoes). The track doesn’t grab you but I will give points for effort.

17. Get It Right
Featuring Figgaraw & Bully
This track has D-Block’s Bully and Figgaraw from K.A.R. South…wait theres a K.A.R. South? Okay. The track sequencing has me scratching my head. Nothing to write about here. It is the last track though and I’m happy to see it.

Bottom Line:
One problem that a lot of new rappers have these days is that they do not stand out. K.A.R. has this same problem. After listening to this album 4 times (You’re welcome), I can honestly say that it doesn’t leave a mark and may fall under the category of “disposable music”. If you wanna rap about the run of the mill shit that’s popular now, at least do it with some sort of creativity. The bright spots here are few and far between. This album is proof that street cred definitely doesn’t equal into good music. I do give props for anybody that has the courage to go out there and try to make music, but it’s not for everyone. UPS is hiring.

Download: K.A.R. feat. Hell Rell & Fat Joe – “This Is The X”