iPod Hustle: Big Sean, Ghostface Killah, & Andre 3000


Here we are again. This is where I pick some songs off my ever present iPod and explain to you what I’m currently listening to. Sometimes it’s new stuff; sometimes it’s old stuff, but all the time its good stuff. In this go around: I co-sign G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean, give props to a Ghostface track, and check out a new track from 3 Stacks. Let’s go!

Download: Big Sean feat. Kanye West – “Glenwood”
Album: Finally Famous [TBA]
This came out earlier this year and I missed it. Damn. This shit is dope and not just for Kanye. Big Sean’s verse here is one the year’s best (“Girls get checked/But my bank get checked more/When niggas check up, I’m who they check for/Or have a check for…”)When first I heard he had signed with Def Jam, I kinda shrugged because I didn’t know much about the dude. So yea, I missed Sean’s mixtape UKNOWBIGSEAN when it dropped earlier this year. Oh, but I’m caught up now and I’m just hoping his Def Jam debut (Scheduled for later this year) get the proper treatment (I say that because Glenwood is suppose to be on it).

Download: Ghostface Killah feat. Sun God – “Street Opera”
Album: More Fish [2006]
Why this song? Short story: In last week’s Numbers Game, I made reference to Michael Jackson’s Stripped Mixes debuting at #95 on the charts. That album contains a version of “Ain’t No Sunshine”. That song is sampled in “Street Opera”. See. Everything is relative. Anyway, Ghostface and his son go in over the Fantom Of The Beats’ production. Did Ghost pay for the sample? I doubt it but who cares?

Download: Andre 3000 – “Lookin’ 4 Ya”
Abum: Purple Codeine Vol. 25 [2009]
This dropped last week to some fanfare. It’s only 2 minutes long but it’s still 3 Stacks; almost anything by him is dope. Not really much to say about this track other than I like it and I’m happy he’s working on his album. You can get Purple Codeine Vol. 25 here.