And The Winner Is…

March… It’s that time of the month (no not like that), but for bracket projections, lower seed upsets, and cinderella stories (George Mason anyone?). As with every year around this time, the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament begins and CBS rules the tube with games. By now I’m sure your brackets are completely filled out with the Wallcats Kentucky as the champs or Obama’s pick aka Kansas, but there might be some “risky” people out there taking chances with underdogs like Morgan State or St. Mary’s. Let’s see who knows their basketball around the ‘fro with your Final Four, Championship, and Champion picks (maybe we can make this interesting somehow)…

SBK’s Picks:

*Final Four: Kansas, Kentucky, Kansas State, Villanova

*Championship: Kansas, Kentucky

*Champion: Kansas

Wait… Isn’t this exactly Obama’s picks *Kanye shrug*

Side Note: Team Anti-Wall over here, so Kentucky is lucky I placed them that far. Kansas gon’ beat that ass though so it’s all good.