Game – “400 Bars”

Seeing that I liked the previous versions of this song (“120 Bars”, “300 Bars & Running”, etc.), I was excited to see this “400 Bars”. Until I heard the “Exhibit C” beat. Yea, The Game spits over Jay Elec’s track for 20 minutes. While I applaud that feat and not saying that Game didn’t give any notable punchlines, but I still would have preferred a “Jackin’ For Beats” style. Plus let’s be real, “Exhibit C” needs to be put to rest (c) Bun B. Either way I listened to the whole 20 minutes. Update: Added the much better DJ Skee remix.

Off Game’s upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama called The Red Room. Update: Add video.

Download: Game – “400 Bars”
Download: Game – “400 Bars” [No DJ]
Download: Game – “400 Bars (Skeemix)”