Lil’ B Gets Knocked Out

I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand, I get a kick out of people getting stole on, but this one doesn’t sit right with me. By now I know you have heard or seen the video of Lil’ B getting snuffed at his video shoot. Usually I would be front and center laughing, but this one made me upset. I know I trashed the guy a couple of weeks back with the DMF Award, but since then, I have started listening to him and enjoying him for what he is. Do I take him serious, NO, but I don’t take Gucci serious either. He is funny and entertaining, a quality I can respect in certain artists. Back to the story, these Judas ass niggas were extras on the video set of Lil’ B, hell, Lil’ B even did THEIR wack ass dance for them to show them love. Dude in the red Polo V-neck, was being extra aggressive about B calling Soulja Boy, and when B told him the number was in a different phone…dude snuffed him. STRAIGHT BITCHMOVE. I guess Lil’ B has learned a lesson in all of this; DON’T EVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN AROUND NIGGAS. He got too comfortable and caught the meat beaters to the face. B-Easy asked me if this was a career ending blow. NOPE. Why? Because this wasn’t done with any honor. He was keeping it 100 with these niggas and they took it there. I hope they know that this whole episode is backfiring on them. Instead of this making B look bad, it’s actually making THEM look bad. So from this point on…I’M GIVING LIL’ B THE KING JERM COSIGN. Hold ya head Lil’ B, these niggas will get theirs in the end.

Update: Lil’ B Responds

Thanks to The Smoking Section for the best screen grab ever!

Update #2: Guy That Knocked Out Lil’ B Says Sorry