300 Reviews & Running…

Wow…300 reviews. Who would have ever thunk it? When we started this journey over 3 years ago, we never expected to be around this long. I am still surprised we haven’t had a 5 Star album yet, considering the amount of STANS on staff. We’ve covered A LOT of artists, some we should’ve but missed (Curren$y) and some we shouldn’t (Kinfolk). But we do this for ya’ll. Gone are the days when we got excited about 1000 views. Will we make it to our next goal…500? That is up to you all. If you want to keep getting unbiased reviews from the ‘Fro…KEEP SUPPORTING US! As long as you guys keep coming (PAUSE) we will keep churning out the reviews and other Hip-Hop related content. Thank you for making us your favorite Hip-Hop site.

Our 300th Review: Lil’ Jon – Crunk Rock