The Boondocks – “The Fund-Raiser” [Video]

Another good episode this week from The Boondocks. Actually, this may be my favorite of the season. Riley (Or Young Reezy) get to live to live out his Scarface fantasy via a fundraising scam. If that’s not enough, you get to hear Cindy McPhearson (The trillest white girl in Woodcreat) quote the wisdoms of Beanie Sigel. The highlight may be Riley’s speech at the end he gives to a British rival chocolate pusher:

“Look, fuck you. Fuck the plane you flew in on. Fuck them shoes. Fuck yo socks with the belt on it. Fuck you gay ass merry fucking accident. Fuck them cheap ass cigars. Fuck yo yuck mouth teeth. Fuck yo hair piece. Fuck yo chocolate. Fuck Guy Richie. Fuck Prince William. Fuck the Queen. This is America. My president is Black and my lambo is blue nigga. Now get the fuck outta my hotel room. And if I see you in the street I’m slapping the shit out of you.”


Source: Yardie