Drake feat. Lil’ Wayne – “Miss Me” [Video]

Honestly, so far I haven’t really liked any of the videos Drake has released. And that’s not to say that this music video, “Miss Me”, is a bad music video. But with all the behind the scenes coverage of it, I thought I was gonna see more than what I got. We get Wayne in the video…kinda. They superimpose him in on walls and shit like that (What was the purpose of doing green screen for both Drake AND Wayne then?). But where’s the Bun B cameo? Where’s the Nicki Minaj appearance? Okay, since he mentioned Maliah, I know we seeing her right? Nope and there’s a STRIPPER in the video (That could have been her!). We do get some brief shots of all of the Young Money members no one wanted to see though.

It seems like they was going for the Hype Williams’ look. They should’ve went and just paid Hype Williams to do the video (He still working). Oh what? It was probably cheaper to get Anthony Mandler to direct this instead? Isn’t Birdman out there buying $2.5 million cars and 90 carat chains? I guess we’ll wait to see what the music video for “Fancy” looks like.