2010 MTV Video Music Awards Recap x Performances [Videos]

Did you know your boy B-Easy doesn’t and hasn’t had cable in a minute? But of course with the internets, if there is a will there is a way and I still watched this year’s MTV VMA’s. This year we had a rapper friendly host in Chelsea Handler as well as scheduled performances from Eminem, Drake, & B.o.B, Hip-Hop was in the house at the VMA’s. Let’s get into it…

I missed the pre-show but apparently Nicki Minaj (This year’s MTV VMA covergirl) performed with will.i.am. I don’t think I missed much but here it is anyway:

Eminem opened the show in 8 Mile fashion. I still don’t like “Not Afraid” but I can appreciate what went into this set. Then all of a sudden a surprise appearance by a red headed Rhianna showed up to kick off “Love The Way You Lie“.

The damn stream on my computer went out and when it came back on I saw Rick Ross on a old lady scooter with “BMF” playing in the background and Chelsa strattling him. Okay. “Motor Scooter Music”?

Does that guy from 30 Seconds To Mars act anymore?

I still don’t like Kim Kardashian, but I’ll admit that she looked pretty good tonight introducing Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber had the hoes pre-teens going crazy. If he would have brought Raekwon out, that shit would have been crazy. And weird.

Commercial: That show The World Of Jenks is pretty good. The episode with Maino is good TV.

Ke$ha & Trey Songz introduced Usher’s performance. I wonder would Trey Songz hit Ke$ha. She looking the best I’ve ever seen her look (For Ke$ha at least).

You know what’s weird, Here I Stand sold just about as much as Raymond vs. Raymond yet people think Usher fell off and came back. I thought about this cause I really didn’t watch his performance. It was a lotta pretty lights. Also, “OMG” doesn’t sound right live. Did Usher lose a dance step after getting them kids? I think so.

Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj arm and arm? I’m sure this will set off a series of fantasies for the perverts. Minaj started making those weird faces when they game Em the award for Best Male Video (Although he had already left for New York to perform with Jigga).

Commercial: I have a confession. All those Real Worlds vs Road Rules Challenge shows? Sadly, I love those shows. Guilty pleasure.

After that red headed chick performed “Dog Days”, Travie McCoy came outta nowhere rapping “Billionaire”. Only the first verse.

Was that Ciara/N.E.R.D. performance actually a part of the VMA’s or was that a commercial?

I think I’m going to see Jackass 3D.

So, Taylor Swift performed her song about Kanye huh? She even had video for last year’s “incident” at the beginning. If I didn’t know any better I’d think she’s just survived a horific event, not Kanye snatching a award from here (Does anybody REALLY take the VMA’s seriously?). I thought Taylor Swift’s people told Kanye to get over this thing? And Kanye performing later… Damn.

I didn’t know B.o.B’s music video for “Airplanes” was so popular. It was nominated for Video Of The Year.

The skits Chelsea did with the artists nominated for Best New Artist was kinda clever. Why didn’t Nicki get one?

I don’t even have a Facebook page and I’m going to see The Social Network. David Fincher is one of y favorite directors.

Is this the “Fancy (remix)” since Mary J. Blige had parts added? Drake, Swizz Beatz, & Mary J. Blige all was there but no T.I.? Either way, this song has a chance to be huge.

Eminem won Best Hip-Hop Video (Of course).

B.o.B performed and had Bruno Mars and did “Nothin’ On You” (This is as much Bruno song as it is his). Bob then brought out Hayley Williams out to do “Airplanes”. Hayley Williams’ group Paramore also performed another song but I had no idea what it was.

Justin Beiber won Best New Artist. Duh.

When did Linkin Park come back? I know they had to switch it up to stay relevant, but this shit is terrible.

Cher presents Lady Gaga with the Video Of The Year Award. Gaga also announced her new song (She also dominated the awards).

Appropriately, Aziz Ansari introduced Kanye West’s performance.

Kanye West performed the new song “Runaway”. Where the black suit at Ye? Good to see Pusha T get some shine (Signing that G.O.O.D. Music contract is paying off quick huh?). This song could be on 808’s & Heartbreak (I have no problem with that). Beat machines. Ballerinas. Fireworks. Standing ovation and “Kanye” chants. Show closes.