‘Fro Fantasy Football League (Week 1)

Dun, dun, dun, duuuuuuuun!

After trying to get a ‘Fro Fantasy League the past two years, we were finally able to get one this year. Thanks to the efforts of Arkitekt and Saule Wright (with a little help from me), we were able to get this thing kicked off the right way.

Everybody loves sports right? (Not really, only 4 of the staff members were on board) I’m not really a fantasy head, this is like my first year REALLY doing it, so I’m not expecting to do that well. But I’m still a player…my team will do alright! Every week we will might bring you the scorecard on how we are faring in the league, so after Week 1, here are the results:

B-Easy’s JETS FOOL – 72.42
Arkitekt’s Midnight Marauders – 66.02
King Jerm’s Typhoon Tunechi – 74.38
Cyclone’s Footinyoazz Squadron – 79.84
Faraj’s Unfucwitable – 73.82
Otis’ Hit Squad – 90.72
DDot’s Don Burgundy – 70.46
Randy’s Greensboro’s Greatest – 74.72
Tisha’s Rock’emNiccas – 48.48
Slik P’s Slik SquadVirus – 100.56
Saule Wright’s Hip Hop Avengers – 94.58