The Numbers Game: Weezy, Gucci, Boosie, & Cube

This week, not only do we have seven debuts in the Top 30, we also have two new albums from rappers who are currently incarcerated (Win or loss for Hip-Hop?).

Lil’ Wayne‘s new album I Am Not A Human Being grabs the #2 spot on the charts this week. Even a cell couldn’t hold Wayne back from selling over 100,000 albums (1oo% digital by the way). Wonder how well the physical version will do when it’s released. [Check out Calvin’s review of I Am Not a Human Being]

Gucci Mane returns with his 2nd album in 10 months, The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted. He gets the #4 spot on the charts this week sells 60,000 albums. [Check out King Jerm’s review of The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted]

Lil’ Boosie is the second rapper this week to drop an album while behind the bars. Boosie’s appropriately titled album Incarcerated lands at #13 and sells roughly 30,000 units. It’s a shame because I feel Bad Azz was just getting ready to break through before he got locked up. Then again, 30,000 isn’t bad seeing as he could not promote this album himself.

Before today, I had never heard of LeCrae. But apparently the Christian rapper had enough support this week to outsell new album from Ice Cube & Jeremih. His album Rehab lands at #17.

Ice Cube returns to the charts I Am The West at #22. The album, which sold 22,000, is definitely a step down from his previous two albums in terms of sales (Raw Footage – 69,000 & Laugh Now, Cry Later – 144,000) but it’s still all independent. [Check out Saule Wright’s review of I Am The West]

I had no idea Jeremih or Donell Jones were releasing album last week (*Looks at the people at*)

And finally, I gotta make sure to include my favorite album released last week: Aloe Blacc‘s Good Things. It didn’t make the Top 200, but it’s really good music. If you like Mayer Hawthorne, you’ll like Aloe. If you don’t know who Mayer Hawthorne is, you have some Googling to do.

#2 Lil’ Wayne/I Am Not A Human Being (Last Week: NA) – 110,251; Total: NA [Debut]
#4 Gucci Mane/The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted (Last Week: NA) – 60,245; Total: NA [Debut]
#5 Eminem/Recovery (Last Week: #6) – 59,500; Total: 2,715,600 (2X Platinum) [15 Weeks]
#7 Trey Songz/Passion, Pain & Pleasure (Last Week: #7) – 41,900; Total: 348,000 [3 Weeks]
#12 John Legends & The Roots/Wake Up! (Last Week: #8) – 30,600; Total: 93,800 [2 Weeks]
#13 Lil’ Boosie/Incarcerated (Last Week: NA) – 30,382; Total: NA [Debut]
#17 LeCrae/Rehab (Last Week: NA) – 22,343; Total: NA [Debut]
#22 Ice Cube/I Am The West (Last Week: NA) – 22,342; Total: NA [Debut]
#27 Jeremih/All About You (Last Week: NA) – 18,000; Total: NA [Debut]
#28 Donell Jones/Lyrics (Last Week: NA) – 17,300; Total: NA [Debut]
#29 Fantasia/Back To Me (Last Week: #16) – 17,100; Total: 248,700 [6 Weeks]
#38 Drake/Thank Me Later (Last Week: #20) – 13,700; Total: 1,099,700 (Platinum) [16 Weeks]
#42 Usher/Versus (Last Week: #25) – 11,800; Total: 128,600 [6 Weeks]
#43 Kem/Intimacy: Album III (Last Week: #26) – 11,600; Total: 185,000 [7 Weeks]
#46 Rick Ross/Teflon Don (Last Week: #33) – 10,200; Total: 416,100 [11 Weeks]
#NA Aloe Blacc/Good Things (Last Week: NA) – 1,905; Total: NA [Debut]