Kanye West & Jay-Z – “That’s My Bitch”

I was hype when I saw this track. For one, this could be possibly off the Kanye/Jay-Z collabo album Watch The Throne. Secondly, duh, it’s Jay-Z & Kanye. But sadly, on five full listens, I’m not feeling it. No disrespect to Q-Tip, the producer of the track, but I’m not feeling this beat. The lyrics aren’t bad, but I guess I was expecting more “So Appalled” or “Monster” and less… less… whatever this is. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

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Download: Kanye West & Jay-Z feat. La Roux – “That’s My Bitch”
Bonus: T.I. feat. Kanye West & KiD CuDi – “Welcome To The World”