DJ LP’s Sound Session: T.I. feat. Drake – “Poppin’ Bottles”

For this week’s Sound Session I figured we would go with something recent considering last week we went throwback. So as I searched for a song to put up Tuesday came around the corner and saw the release of T.I.’s No Mercy.

As I purchased my copy I was eagerly waiting to check out the CD with high expectations. But one song I was especially interested in upon first listen was “Poppin’ Bottles”. I was wondering how T.I. and Drake’s styles would mesh. Yes, this song leaked way ahead of time before the actual release date but I withheld from listening to it because I didn’t want to cheat my ears from listening to the CDQ of it.

One concern I had going into the song was Drake’s singing. By now we all know it’s his style, but for me it’s hit or miss. As the song played in the car I was hit with a semi slow tempo at the beginning (Basically the loop of the whole song), then BAM, the subs go off with a nice bass line with the drums pushing the beat. I was very curious on who the producer was to this track. But immediately at the 1:01 part where the drums take over for a few, I knew it had to be a Boi-1da produced track (Sure enough later when I looked it was co-produced by Boi-1da & T-Minus). The production on this track in my mind solidifies the fact that Boi-1da is the “go to producer” right now (Yeah give me the late pass).

This song is what you expect from T.I. as he is “still big shit poppin” and brings ya yet another catchy hook. Drake doesn’t disappoint on this collab bringing the stuntin’ Drizzy and leaving R&B Drake behind. I found it ironic with a couple of Drake’s verses when he brings up the Weezy jail matter.

Me and Weezy run this bitch so bring me one soda and vodka
And a Fiji for my nigga cause the police probably watching
Man, probation is a bitch but going back is not an option

Going back is not an option but of course this verse had to have been recorded before T.I. was sentenced to go back to jail. Overall T.I. and Drake give you a great product. So please sit back as DJ LP presents a CERTIFIED BANGER for this Sound Session:

Download: T.I. feat. Drake – “Poppin’ Bottles”