‘Fro Fantasy Football League (Week 16)

And like that…my season is OVER! I fought hard, played with INTEGRITY, and I went out with my head held high. I have to be honest and say I thought about throwing in the towel early in the season when I was 0-3, but I thought about all my fans and what would they think if their HERO King Jerm quit. So I tightened up my britches and made some roster changes and what do you know…I turned the ship around and made the playoffs. I know I played the game like  it was supposed to be played, so I don’t feel bad for ANYTHING! Good luck to the rest of the of the combatants still in there! FUCK A THIRD PLACE GAME!

Semifinal Results

Faraji’s Unfucwitable – 102.56
King Jerm’s Typhoon Tunechi – 96.50

Slik P’s Slik SquadVirus – 89.36

Championship Game

WECAMETOKICKASS vs. Unfucwitable