Why You Should Listen To: Jean Grae [MixEP]

Thought I’d join in with a MixEP by Jean Grae. In my opinion, she’s without a doubt the best female emcee out. She has been in the Hip-Hop game since 1996, but only has two official LPs (Attacking Of The Attacking Things & This Week). Jeanius is the leaked version of what 9th Wonder & Jean had before completing the album. The Orchestral Files & The Evil Jeanius (Produced by Blue Sky Black Death) were unauthorized and made without her consent. She plans to drop her third LP, Cake Or Death, this March. Why you should listen to the nicest female in the game:

1. Intro (Jeanius)
2. Hater’s Anthem (The Bootleg Of The Bootleg EP)
3. Threats (ft. Chen Lo) (The Evil Jeanius)
4. Going Crazy (This Week)
5. Black Girl Pain (feat. Talib Kweli) (The Beautiful Struggle)
6. 2-32’s (feat. Daily Planet) (Jeanius)
7. Strikes (The Evil Jeanius)
8. Don’t Rush Me (feat. 9th Wonder) (Jeanius)
9. Hold U (feat. Masta Ace) (Disposable Arts)
10. Away With Me (The Evil Jeanius)
11. Love Song (Attack Of The Attacking Things)
12. It’s Still A Love Song (The Evil Jeanius)
13. A-Alikes (This Week)
14. Keep Livin’ (The Bootleg Of The Bootleg EP)
15. Where You Gonna Run (feat. Talib Kweli) (Right About Now)
16. The Time Is Now (feat. Phonte) (Jeanius)
17. Lights Out (The Evil Jeanius)

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