Don Trip feat. Cee-Lo Green – “Letter To My Son”

You ever do that thing were you hear a song for the first time but still know the lyrics? That’s how I felt when I heard Don Trip‘s “Letter To My Son”. I was rapping just about the whole first verse until I realized that I’d heard this song almost two years on YouTube when Cee-Lo wasn’t on the chorus (There’s also a proper music video I also didn’t know about). And after all this time, Don Trip’s lyrics to his seen are still some of the realest I’ve ever heard:

And your momma low down
She’s just doin’ everything to hurt me right now
Why? Cause I dont love her like I used to
So to get back at me she know she gotta use you
And I dont know what else to do
She don’t understand that this shit will bruise you too
And now I gotta take the bitch to court
So either way its a lose lose

Hopefully by now, Don Trip’s situation with his kid is a lot better.

Download: Don Trip feat. Cee-Lo Green – “Letter To My Son”