Wale feat. Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb” [Video]

While some fans frowned after finding out that Wale‘s album Ambition had more tracks aimed at women than expected, I knew exactly what he was doing. Fast forward a little bit, and Ambition is the #2 album in the country selling 140k more than Wale’s first album. See people, women buy way more albums than dudes on the Internet mad at Wale for not keeping it 100% Hip-Hop (And let’s be honest, they wasn’t gonna buy the album anyway). When you add that with his signing with Maybach Music, is it safe to say Wale won?

Wale’s new video for “Lotus Flower Bomb” is the perfect fit. It pays homage to Poetic Justice and also has a romantic feel that will make all the women who love this song already love it even more.

Sidenote: I just realize that the girl featured here is Bre from America’s Next Top Model. Yea, thank my ex-girlfriends for that bit of knowledge.