Predictions & Hopes For 2012

Happy new year everybody! I know we’ve been reflecting on the year that was 2011 but let’s take some time out to look ahead into 2012. Here’s my predictions and hopes for the next 12 months. Plus check out my previous list to see if any of my thoughts came true in ’11 (If you commented on my last list you can see if yours were correct too).

All the best for 2012 ya’ll!


  • More rappers will diss Drake
  • Nas, Slaughterhouse, Rick Ross, & Raekwon will drop solid albums
  • Rick Ross will get fatter and richer. Mainly richer.
  • Wayne will put out Rebirth 2 to the horror of music fans around the world
  • Fat Joe will bring out a fitness DVD
  • Dark Knight Rises will be fuckin’ epic and rappers will start referencing Batman again
  • Since getting dissed by Tyler, B.o.B. will come harder on the mic with his next album
  • Someone from Young Money/Cash Money will get dropped and start dissing Wayne and Birdman
  • Kreayshawn will be forgotten about before the end of the year
  • Gucci Mane and DMX go back to jail
  • Nas and Tyler, the Creator will put out several tracks together


  • T.I. puts out an album more like Paper Trail and less like No Mercy
  • T.I. stays out of jail for good this time around
  • If T.I. goes back to jail he doesn’t make up lame excuses about why he’s in there
  • A Rihanna sex tape surfaces
  • Pornstars stop making music. Here’s looking at you Brian Pumper.
  • Slaughterhouse will sell a few hundred thousand units.
  • Ludacris gets back to his roots
  • We don’t lose any more music icons this year
  • People appreciate musical acts before they pass on. (Go on, listen to some Bill Withers. Life is short.)
  • CD’s don’t get fazed out
  • Xzibit makes a comeback. (Get Dre on the phone)
  • A decent rap battle breaks out (rap battle on the mic not on the street)
  • Verbose comes back to the ‘Fro
  • The trend of sequel albums dies out

Again, feel free to add your own hopes and predictions.