2011 Songs Of The Year: The R&B Picks

If you were to ever hang out at my apartment, most of the time you would hear me playing Hip-Hop music. But that can’t be all the time right? I mean, what do I play when the women folk come over? R&B. Plus it seems like these days we have more rappers singing & more singers rapping, it was only right to give some light to the R&B we liked in 2011. And since I’m a man who knows where he expertise doesn’t lie, I got Saule Wright, a guy that runs a R&B site and contributes to another R&B site, to come through and give you his picks a well. Let’s slow it down. – B-Easy

Saule Wright‘s Picks

1. Frank Ocean – “Songs For Women” (Produced by Happy Perez)
I still listen to this damn song about 10 times a week …and I have since it dropped in Feb. Simple, catchy, dope.

2. Jill Scott – “Hear My Call” (Produced by JR Hutson)
Like I said in my review, flat out, my favorite Jill Scott song ever. Spiritual music doesn’t have to be cliche, and this song is beautiful proof.

3. Chris – “No Bullshit” (Produced by Tha Bidness)
Two picks off the album, if you haven’t heard it, you probably should.

4. Beyonce – “Love On Top” (Produced by Beyonce Knowles, The-Dream, & S. Taylor)
I can’t say folks slept on this album, but I do think this was a slept on song peaking only at number 20. Funny how The-Dream can make music like this for others, but his latest mixtape was one of the worst I’ve ever heard.

5. Jill Scott – “Dear Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry” (Produced by Ronald “Pnut” Frost)
Jill uses her powerful voice and soulful musical arrangements to protest the industry and affirm her creative spirit. This is one of the most slept on songs of the year from one of the most slept on albums of the year.

6. Lloyd – “Lay It Down” (Produced by Polow da Don & Veronika “V.” Bozeman)
On an album that was all over the place, this song really stood out to me…I still bet he can’t sing this shit live.

7. Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall – “Deuces” (Produced by K-Mac)
This is one of the biggest songs of the year, and probably the song that really restarted the world’s love affair with Chris Brown.

8. Kelly Price – “Vexed”
I really need a male to make a version of this song because lyrically, I can’t play this shit out loud like I want. But the track is amazing

9. Eric Roberson feat. Jean Baylor – “How Would I Feel”
This appeals to the irrational, jealous side that we all have; some more hidden than others. The simplicity in the way he tells the story is what really puts this over for me.

10. Elle Varner feat. J. Cole – “Only Want To Give It To You” (Produced by Oak & Pop)
Her 2012 album release is right at the top of my radar. Elle showed that there is still room for women to be fun, flirty and fly.

B-Easy‘s Picks

1. Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You” (Produced by Shea Taylor)
Frank may have written this song for Bridget Kelly, but his demo version is the winner.

2. The Weeknd – “Trust Issues (Remix)” (Produced Noah “40” Shebib & Adrian X)
A lotta people remixed this one last year but this version was the best. Even over Drake’s.

3. Allen Stone – “Satisfaction” (Produced by Allen Stone)
“Unaware” is probably his most known song, but I go with “Satisfaction”.

4. Frank Ocean – “Songs For Women” (Produced by Happy Perez)
Honestly, I could have put almost all of nostalgia,ULTRA. on this list & called it a day.

5. Amy Winehouse – “Tears Dry On Their Own (Organized Noize/Dungeon Family Remix)” (Produced by Organized Noize)
This was obviously done way before in 2011 but it leaked this year. It’s now my favorite Amy Winehouse song ever.

6. Cee Lo Green feat. Melanie Finona – “Fool For You” (Produced by Jack Splash)
I liked the original version but Melanie gave it the female touch it needed.

7. The Internet feat. Tay Walker – “They Say/Shangrila” (Produced by The Internet)
Who knew that Odd Future’s Syd the Kyd could make music that sounds like a teenage Groove Theory?

8. Jill Scott – “Hear My Call” (Produced by JR Hutson)
This song still makes me wanna call all my exes and tell them I wasn’t shit.

9. T-Pain feat. One Chance – “Drowning Again” (Produced by T-Pain)
Yea, I was surprised T-Pain appeared on this list too. Plus no Auto-Tune.

10. The-Dream – “Murderer” (Produced The-Dream)
If this song was actually in the movie Colombiana, I would have liked it more.