Independent Spotlight: Lyric Jones

While cruising the Internets, I stumbled across a familiar face, Lyric Jones. She opened up for J. Cole at the show in Athens, GA (the show that VG was supposed to have footage of..but that’s another story) and I got to speak with her a little after she performed. What I liked about shorty was that 1) she could actually rap, 2) she made it to the show despite having a flat tire, and 3) she tore the stage up!

Fast forward to today. Lyric has been grindin since that and today her long awaited debut album Jones St. hit the stores and itunes.  Looks like the game is going to have to make room for the Atlanta bred emcee. You can listen to the album Jones St on her website and don’t forget to *like* her facebook fan page! Here is a video to give you a sample of the hotness that Lyric brings to the game.