MTV’s 2012 Hottest MC’s In The Game [Video]

To be real, I forgot to watch this year’s MTV Hottest MC’s In The Game. But then again I tried to forget it after I saw that wack ass nominations list (Plus some good NBA games were on TV as well as the WWE Elimination Chamber). But I guess they knew what they were doing because they got people talking and got me posting the results. And here they are:

Sidenote: Actually looking at the list now, it’s not that bad. We gave the award to Rozay too.

#1 Rick Ross
#2 Drake
#3 Kanye West
#4 Nicki Minaj
#5 Lil’ Wayne
#6 Jay-Z
#7 Meek Mill
#8 Big Sean
#9 Wiz Khalifa
#10 Wale