LebronJames.com Presents: The Campaign [Mixtape]

I’m not really sure why LeBron James (or his official website) needed to make a mixtape, but it was released this morning, it’s called The Campaign, and here it is. It contains all “new” music bysome good artists like Freddie Gibbs, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous, & 2 Chainz. One drawback is that the whole mixtape is all clean (aka no cursing) which is kinda crazy when you see songs like Gangsta Gibbs’ “LeBron Sh*t” on the tracklist (By the way, you can grab the explicit version of that right here). Update: Explicit version added.

Download: The Campaign [Mixtape]
Alt. Download: The Campaign [Mixtape]
Download: The Campaign [Mixtape] (Dirty Version)