Fro’ Fantasy Football League Week 5 Recap

Well, I keep posting these late, but they are getting posted..SO DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE! I didn’t know you guys cared about the recaps until I turned up the HEAT and made a couple of people sweat. Oh well…this is what you wanted isn’t it?

Week 5 Results *winners in BOLD*

Heisenberg  – 103.18
Vaudeville Villains  – 100.70

I have to be honest with you people…if I would have loss this one, I would have called it a season. BUT, I didn’t and I have to find some way to salvage this season and get things turned around.

TyshonRockz  – 69.20
Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 87.00

I might have a problem beating women, but Faraj sure doesn’t! He ALWAYS puts his paws on Tisha. Maybe I should ask him how he does it?

Head Bangaz  – 74.58
Los Pollos Hermanos  – 101.80

LPH picks up his SECOND win in a row. Don’t look now, but ol’ LPH might have a little gas left in the tank!

North Caka Laka All Day  – 100.56
Detroit FaceFuckers  – 114.70

Jenk fell victim to the ThroatThrusters. The End. Don’t look now, but the FaceFuckers are the hottest team in the league.

Hip Hop Junkies  – 118.48
Dirty ravens  – 87.56

SW proved me wrong and got back in the winning column after dropping a game last week. Maybe this is the year the Flunkies become legit

Fuck yo feelings  – 119.52
Vice Kings  – 88.14

JRich had to cool down Clay Davis and the Vice Kings before he got hot.

ABC Easy as RG3  – 105.22
Spread Jermz  – 74.96

Cornell coasted to victory this week. That damn SpreadJermz needs to FIX HIS LINEUP!

Hit Squad  – 53.54
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 65.36

Like I said, playing the Big O brings out the worst in your team. His matches always end up with someone having the lowest score. Good win Doc!

Overall Standings

Black Division

1. Hip Hop Junkies (4-1)

2. Vaudeville Villains (3-2)

3. North Caka Laka All Day (3-2)

4. Shut em da fuck up (3-2)

5. TyshonRockz (2-3)

6. Los Pollos Hermanos (2-3)

7. Heisenberg (2-3)

8. Head Bangaz (0-5)

Green Division

1. Detroit FaceFuckers (4-1)

2. Dirty Ravens (3-2)

3. Fuck yo Feelings (3-2)

4. Vice Kings (3-2)

5. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (3-2)

6. ABC Easy as RG3 (3-2)

7. Spread Jermz (1-4)

8. Hit Squad (1-4)