Fro Fantasy Football League: Week 11 Recap

Well folks, Week 11 has come and gone and just like that my playoff chances might have left with it. I’ll talk about that in the actual recap, but I do want you to know that some funky ass stuff happened. Oh well…this might be the first time I DON’T make the playoffs. The league will survive if I don’t make it to the postseason. Let the hate begin.

Week 11 Results *winners in BOLD*

Spread Jerm  – 106.08
Heisenberg  – 71.50

How in the hell did that happen? How do you lose to the worst team? How?

Vice Kings  – 121.78
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 90.72

Clay Davis was the first person to leave the Doc’s office in a long time alive. I hope he can lend me some tips (pause) because I have an appointment with the Doc next week!

Dirty ravens  – 84.82
Hit Squad  – 119.60

Has the Hit Squad been awakened? The Big O matched his season win total the last two weeks. He might have waited a tad bit too long to start playing for real.

Detroit FaceFuckers  – 127.14
ABC Easy as RG3  – 104.24

Cornell was moving up the rankings until he ran into the FaceFuckers. Not too many have been FF’d this season by P from the D, but Cornell is on the list of the ones that did.

Los Pollos Hermanos  – 82.44
Fuck yo feelings  – 61.60

LPH made easy work of JRich this past week. Don’t have too much to say about this matchup because it was pretty boring.

Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 69.44
Hip Hop Junkies  – 77.96

Saule Wright continued to roll over the competition this year…his latest speedbump…Faraj. The Hip Hop Junkies have won each way possible this season. Call me crazy, but Saule is on a mission to shut up the haters this season.

Vaudeville Villains  – 100.64
North Caka Laka All Day  – 56.02\

When the going gets bad…that should be the story of Jenk’s season. Arkitekt is looking poised this year (for once) and I see that now that I’m no longer a threat, the competition is wide open.

TyshonRockz  – 79.46
Head Bangaz  – 89.92

Cyclone turned around his season these last couple of weeks and has moved up the ladder and into the playoffs. He said he was going to do this before the season started, now we are getting a glimpse into what he was talking about.

Overall Standings (Top 8 Make Playoffs)

1. Hip Hop Junkies (10-1) (Black Division Leader)

2. Vaudeville Villains (8-3)

3. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (8-3) (Green Division Leader)

4. Detroit FaceFuckers (7-4)

5. ABC Easy as RG3 (7-4)

6. Vice Kings (6-5)

7. Los Pollos Hermanos (6-5)

8. Head Bangaz (6-5)

9. Shut em da fuck up (5-6)

10. Heisenberg (5-6)

11. Dirty ravens (5-6)

12. North Caka Laka All Day (4-7)

13. Hit Squad (4-7)

14. Fuck yo Feelings (3-8)

15. TyshonRockz (2-9)

16. Spread Jerm (2-9)