Fro’ Fantasy Football League: Season 3 – Playoff Edition

Fantasy Football 2012

Wow, another year is in the books and this playoff of the FFFL was nowhere near DULL. I know we had a few owners complain that the league was boring this season, but did it finish with a BANG! I’m going to run through all of the playoff matchups in ONE post so you can get your fix (and I can get my contractual obligation) out the way! I got ALOT of talking to do, so sit back and hold on to your seat!


Hip Hop Junkies  (13-1) vs. Head Bangaz (7-7)

Saule Wright continued to look like a man on a mission with this victory over Cyclone and the Head Bangaz. This made 11 STRAIGHT victories if you’re keeping count at home. SW is this year’s JUGGERNAUT! Hat’s off to Cyclone for turning his season all the way around and making the playoffs! 132.44 – 90.80 HHJ

ABC Easy as RG3 (8-6) vs. Vice Kings (8-6)

The battle between Fro members went the way of Cornell in this one. He had a monster of a team all season (led the league in scoring) and it proved to be too much for Clay Davis in the first round of the playoffs. Props go out to Clay for making the playoffs two years in a row, that trophy will soon find its way on to the walls of the Vice Kings…just not this season. Cornell lives to fight again, his next opponent…the Hip-Hop Junkies! 109.42 – 77.84 ABC Easy as RG3

Vaudeville Villains (9-5) vs. Shut em da fuck up (8-6)

Arkitekt is the ONLY player in the FFFL to make the playoffs in each season in existence. That has to be said off top. Now, back to this season, Arkitekt faces the champ from the inaugural season Faraj. All I can say about this one is that Faraj made quick work out of Tekt. This one wasn’t even close. Faraj looked like he had something to prove out there and it showed by the scoreboard. Props go to Tekt for being the Most Consistent team in the FFFL, but that wasn’t enough to beat Faraj today. 111.00 – 74.94 Shut em da fuck up

Dr. Mom Loves Chocolate (9-5) vs. Los Pollos Hermanos (8-6)

The Doc is making her second (straight) playoff appearance and ol’ LPH is returning back to the playoffs, this should be an interesting match. It was, and IF the Doc played the Cardinals defense instead of the Lions defense, ol’ LPH would have been one and done. But alas, he escapes by the skin of his teeth and advances in the tournament! Props go out to the Doc for making the playoffs and winning your division. You have set the standard for the ladies in the FFFL! 112.17 – 107.86 LPH


Hip Hop Junkies vs. ABC Easy as RG3

I never thought the day would come and I would have to say this. The Rams defense won the matchup for the HHJ’s! That wasn’t a typo at all. The league’s highest scoring team finally got outscored by someone. Just so happened in the playoffs. Not a bad year at all for Cornell da Gr8, he definitely made a name for himself this season, now he just has to get what it takes to make it over the hump. 111.50 – 103.28 HHJ

Shut em da fuck up vs. Los Pollos Hermanos

Ahh, what a way to decide who go plays for a championship? We have two owners who just plain ol’ don’t like each other. The week leading up to the matchup was not it’s usual back and forth of insults, ol’ LPH tried to pull a page out of the book of Zen for this one. He tried to reverse his fortune of NEVER beating Faraj by not saying nothing or by congratulating his opponent. Well, that didn’t work! This one was a JOKE from start to finish. I really thought this might have been the time to get the monkey off his back, but Faraj had other plans. Props go out to LPH for getting back to the playoffs and fighting hard, but it wasn’t enough to get over the hump. 144.66 – 123.80 SEDFU


Hip Hop Junkies vs. Shut em da fuck up

Well, well, well…we have in one corner a man riding a 12 GAME winning streak and in the other we have the former champ looking for his SECOND title in THREE years! There really is no backstory to this, besides a couple of shots taken at each other on our facebook page, but there really is no history between the two. That means we’ll let the scoreboard settle things. It did…kinda. After the INITIAL game Saule Wright and the Hip Hop Junkies were declared the winner. The ticker tape parade commenced, all the congrats were given (except for one person), bottles were popped…you know the whole championship tradition. THEN on 1/3/13 had a STAT CORRECTION…and the winner we thought we had wasn’t our winner at all! Yep, two fumble recoveries and an assisted tackle were the difference between a championship trophy and a second place trophy. That shit has to hurt. I don’t even like the season ending like this, but it is what it is. We had two gladiators fighting tooth and nail, and this is the way it has to end? Nah, I’m not happy with it at all. That’s not taking anything away from what either of the owners had done prior to this, SW having the best record in FFFL history and the longest winning streak of all time. Knowing Faraj like I do, I know he didn’t want to win it this way (but he’ll take it) and this isn’t the way I wanted for it to go down. These are the rules that are in place and that is what we have to deal with. I really do hate it ended like this. 95.68 – 95.34 SEDFU

Congrats to the 2012 Fro Fantasy Football League Champion: SHUT EM DA FUCK UP

2nd PlaceHip Hop Junkies

3rd PlaceLos Pollos Hermanos