Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake – “Holy Grail” [Video]


Jay-Z is still on that #newrules shit. For the new music video for “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake, not only does it provide imagery that will have Illuminati conspiracy theorist happy, but it also does this thing where it slows down some parts of the video/song (aka shit that will make you think you computer is fucking up). Directed by by Anthony Mandler. Check out our album review of Magna Carta Holy Grail here.

Sidenote #1: So Jay-Z premiered this on Facebook. Justin Timberlake played Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook, in Social Network but then later went on to invest in MySpace in real life. Confusing.

Sidenote #2: I don’t have a Facebook page or access to Facebook right now, so it’s a chance that the video isn’t playing below. If so, go here.