Song of the Week: Charles Hamilton – “Neverland”


Who would’ve thought that Charles Hamilton would get another shot at a viable rap career? It feels like ages ago, but Charles Hamilton was basically Lil’ B before Lil’ B but way more talented. He was there during the infancy of rappers blowing up because of the Internet, but he also the first rapper I remember watching crash, burn, and have a meltdown on the Internet.

But I guess we were all wrong in counting out Charles Hamilton. These days he’s doing songs with Rita Ora, killing freestyles, and appearing on Empire. He even has a new record deal. And because of that I’m picking one of my favorite songs by Mr. Hamilton, “Neverland” for Song of the Week.

Sidenote: I feel funny about writing this post since H20 is the resident Charles Hamilton expert. Check out some of the stuff he’s written in the past: The Case For Charles Hamilton & Me & Charles Hamilton.