Honest Trailers: ‘Batman’ (1989) & ‘Superman’ (1978)


One of my favorite YouTube Channels, Screen Junkies, chose to bless us this week.

With ‘Batman V Superman‘ hitting theaters this weekend, we thought we’d have a little smackdown of our own! That’s right, we’ve got TWO Honest Trailers for you today! Show us your allegiance by sharing which trailer you think should win: The 1989 Michael Keaton classic Batman or Christopher Reeve’s iconic 1978 Superman. The video with the most views wins! Share away ScreenJunkies! Let’s see who the real winner will be!The video with the most views will determine if we do ‘Batman Begins’ or ‘Superman Returns’ next.

In the first superhero movie to successfully combine camp and grit, Michael Keaton takes on the super stiff batsuit for murderous adventures, third-rate unstable villains, and a whole lot of literal bat references in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’!

In a world of superhero movies that seem to only be getting darker and darker, strap in for the 1978 blockbuster featuring bright colors, dorky superheroes, and awesomely bad special effects. Christopher Reeve is Superman!