Song of the Week: Jay-Z feat. Scarface & Beanie Siegel – “This Can’t Be Life”

Today was a pretty interesting day, so interesting that I’m actually giving y’all a SOTW. I was supposed to have a conference call with a colleague/mentor, but he actually ended up being in town so we met for lunch. He’s pretty much #goals in where I’m trying to get to in life so I was glad to get a free meal and soak up game. I asked him about his grind and he talked about his frustrations about hitting a professional ceiling. He recalled being in a moment where he thought about Jigga man’s insecurities, particularly the lines:

Like damn, I’ma be a failure/surrounding by thugs, drugs and drug, paraphernalia

Just as Hov knew that that couldn’t be life, this brotha knew he needed to make a change and kick start his dreams.

Who says rap isn’t inspiring?