Song of the Week: Pastor Troy – “Rhonda”

King Jerm recently went to a Pastor Troy show. The reason why anybody would go to a Pastor Troy show in 2018 escapes me but here we are. Jerm said the turn out wasn’t that great and Troy only did a few songs and left. The only thing I wanted to know was if Pastor Troy brought the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt (he did) and if he performed “Rhonda” (he didn’t).

Weirdly enough, “Rhonda” is my favorite Pastor Troy song over hits like “No Mo Play in G.A.” or “This tha City”. This is mainly attributed to all the questions I have about Rhonda, the by far best thing about the song:

  • Who is Rhonda? Was she just one of Troy’s homegirls?
  • Did she ever rap again?
  • Why was her verse so hard?
  • Was her name actually Rhonda Truitt?
  • Why did she never get a “featuring” credit on the song?
  • Was Jessica too stupid?
  • Did Kia realy lie too much?
  • Is “quarter ki in my womanly” the best way to say you’re hiding drugs in your vagina?
  • Was Rhonda really “the realist bitch”?

I’ll go ahead and answer the last two questions myself: YES

Sidenote: Back in the day I originally called this song “Help Me Rhonda”. I thought I was wrong and was just doing what Black people do and call a song whatever the chorus is. But I was actually right. It was “Help Me Rhonda” on Troy’s street album We Ready (I Declare War) but changed to “Rhonda” on his major label debut Face Off.

Check out the song below.