Song of the Week: EPMD – “Never Seen Before (Remix)”

It’s funny how at one point in time you can love a song and then years later, you forget that it even exists. That’s the case with EPMD‘s “Never Seen Before (Remix). I can remember actually buying the cassette single and playing the hell out of it back in the day (That’s how old I am). But give me a moment to give song random thoughts about today’s Song of the Week:

  • This song came back on my radar because of a dope video made by purowave about Genichiro Tenryu. It’s worth a watch.
  • This song is off EPMD’s reunion album Back in Business (1997) and is the last track on the album.
  • Going back and listening to the original version of “Never Seen Before” made me also remember how boring that version is.
  • This was also on the soundtrack for Def Jam’s How To Be A Player. That movie also feels like it was lost to time and forgot about. Shout out to Bill Bellamy.
  • Now that I think about it, that original version was probably included on that soundtrack.
  • I brought up this song in the nappyafro offices (aka a chat group between me, King Jerm, Saule Wright, and GQ-Blu) and it started an argument on who was the better member of EPMD: Erick Sermon or Parrish Smith.
  • I personally think E Double is the better member if you factor in the production and charisma added with the fact that he put both Redman and Keith Murray on. PMD is probably the better rapper.
  • Speaking of production, props to Erick Sermon on the way the sample of “Watching You” by Slave was used.

That’s enough of my rambling. Check out “Never Seen Before (Remix)” by Erick & Parrish Making Dollars.